Captains Meeting

October 21, 2021

Attending: Lenny Pappas (Pres), Eric Bourgeois (VP), Sue Novak (Sec), Tom LeBlanc (Tres),

Juan Arce (BA 1) Bill Gibson (BA 2) Ron Michaud (Cerc 1)

Eric Novak (Cerc 2) Gabby Panchi (Cerc 3) Denis Denbow (Cerc 4)

Eric Milanese (Dav 2) Tim White (Dav 3) George Carter (Dav 4)

Absent - Paul Cere (Dav 1),

1.      Clarification on how handicap each match is determined In the past handicap has been 75% of the difference with rounding up for difference of x.5 or x.75 and rounding down for x.25. It was determined that we should leave it at this at least for the first half of the season until we have some solid statistics.


2.      Clarification on lag and breaking in each match There has been much confusion over what the lag at the start of the match was to determine. As of October 22nd, any player from each team will lag at the start of the night. The winner of the lag will have the option of breaking in games 1, 3 and 5 or breaking in games 2 and 4. The team that breaks will be posting names first. The higher handicap player will no longer have the option of choosing who breaks in each game.


3.      Player Ratings - The ratings for the new players the league were set Matthew Krause (4), Ryan Nichols (4), Himanshu Sijaypati (4), Ivan (4), Ron Kezer (5)


The following players were increased - Mike Neuenfeldt (5), Paul Trajlinek (6), Santos Casianos (5), Perry Filkins (4), Bob Gagne (6)


The following players were put on the watch list for rating changes - Micah Mitchell (Down 5), Russ Mossman (Up 5), Don Demingway (Up 4), Christine DeFrancesco (Up 3), Dennis Bolduc (Up 4), Mike Manning (up 4).

4.      Final rosters have been set. Davignon 3 will be allowed to add to their roster after week 4 as they do not yet have a full roster and have struggled to get 5 players to show each week. Any other changes will need to be approved by either Lenny, Eric or Sue.


5.      In order for a player to be eligible to play in the play offs they must have played at least twice in the half. Player dues must be paid before the playoffs. Players that are listed on the roster without highlight owe $10, players highlighted in orange owe $20 (they were not listed on a roster in the second half of the 2019-2020 season prior to Covid shutdown).


6.      Singles will be at the Davignon, doubles will be at the Cercle.


7.      Denis Denbow and members of the Cercle Eastside team have requested that they play all of their home games out of the Cercle and they will become the Cercle 4 team as of Friday October 22, 2021. It was stated that the new Eastside club does not have a pool-player friendly playing area. Sue will update the schedules and roster.


8.      The suggestion was made to only allow one re-rack. If a second re-rack is needed then the match would start with both players starting on the 2 pocket. This was tabled and will be revisited in the second half. Please note how many re-racks have occurred so that we can look at the number of times a re-rack has been required.


9.      Next meeting Davignon on Nov 30th or Dec 2nd at 7 pm.




Sue Novak