Queen City Pool League





Attending:  Ron Michaud (Cercle 2), Amanda Laverriere, Tom LeBlanc (Cercle 3), Bob Paquin (Davignon 2), Paul Cere (Davignon 3), Peter Vallieres, (Davignon 4), Steve Porter and Jim Kelly (Deerhead), Kim Janelle (Eastside), George Carter (My Friends 1), Dan Simoneau (Rimmon), Tony Cote, Scott Warnock (Workmens), Sue Novak


Absent: Ed Caswell (British American)

Guest:  Ann Sacco


Location:  Deerhead at 7PM


New Business:


1.    Treasurer report – The beginning balance as of 9/9/16, transferred from Ray Paquin, was $822.21, we added $235 from banquet, paid out $75 for non-profit status reinstatement and $23.95 to set up bank account and to purchase checks.  We have received $1200 team dues, and $1620 player dues for a total of $3778.26 as of 10/4/16.

Player’s fee and team dues should be left at the Cercle National - Attention Tom LeBlanc - by October 7th.  Please be sure to included team name and state whether it is team dues or player’s fee.


2.     Rosters were updated and are now final for this half.  Only changes are if someone was missed on the roster or should not be on the roster.  Player’s fees will be based on this final roster.  Get these to Tom LeBlanc as soon as possible – if not paid by play-offs the team will not be able to play in the play-offs.


3.    2016 Handicap  review, revise and approve system 


Each player has been given a ranking by the handicap committee based on a 2-7 scale.  This was reviewed and updated by the entire board – any additional changes will be made by the handicap committee.  The handicaps will be updated on the final rosters and posted on the web site.  All scores were retroactively changed and standings updated.


How the bonus works is:  Each players is given a ranking.  This ranking will be used and the 10 players playing will be totaled.  The team with the lower total ranking will receive the bonus.  Each point difference in total rankings of the teams will equal three quarters of a bonus point for the team.  This will be rounded down to the nearest whole number for the lower ranking team.  (Example: The difference in ranking points is 7.  (7 * 0.75 = 5.25).  This would be 5 bonus points for the lower ranking team.)  No match will exceed a 30 maximum even if the game total plus the bonus exceeds 30.


4.     After discussing a situation which occurred Friday, September 30, it was stated that


NO PERSON, other than the players, captains and co-captains, will be allowed around the tables during the matches. Only the captains, co-captains and partners will be allowed to give advice about the game on the table.  It is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the offending player could cause his team to forfeit that match if the conduct continues after a warning has been given to discontinue the behavior.




Old Business:



1.    Singles and Doubles locations – I spoke with Jim Dubois on 9/9/16 regarding the criteria for the Workmen’s to host the Doubles tournament.  I pointed out in the minutes the decision that was made at last meeting on the Workmen’s holding the doubles.  The minutes state “Since Workmen’s does not have enough space to hold the doubles in the main club, they will only get tournament if they move the tables to the hall like they did with the singles.  If they do not want to move the tables, then the Cercle will host the doubles.


Tony Cote called Sue on Sept 13th stating that the Workmen’s would be declining the doubles tournament if they had to move the tables to the hall.  Sue notified Ron and Tom Leblanc on this decision.


Eastside has the Singles, Cercle will host the doubles


Logistics of where other in-house leagues play during the tournament is the responsibility of the club and QCPL tournament has priority of play on tournament days. 


2.    Table Rules approval was tabled until the next meeting


3.     All captains should continue to take a picture of the score sheet at the end of each night and text message it to Sue Novak at 315-3921.  This will assist in obtaining stats for the handicaps and who is eligible to play in play-offs.


PLEASE make sure that all the sheet is shown and that it is not blurry!


Sue is putting this information on a spread sheet.  I will post on web site nearer to the end of the half.  At play-off time you will be able to access player eligibility.


4.    Set next meeting date and location – November 1, 2016 at Cercle National.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.




Susan Novak