October 8, 2019


Captains/Co-captains attending: 


Lenny Pappas Jr. (Cercle 69)                             Rich Soares (Davignon IV,  

Paul Cere, (Davignon 1),                                     Bob Tanner (Eastside),         

George Carter (My Friends),                                Cori Donaldson, Larry Blais (Cercle 1),

John Laliberte, (Davignon 2)                              Jon Robillard (Cercle 3),


Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)                                      Sue Novak (Secretary),         

                                                                                 Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),


Location:  Cercle                                                  Meeting called to order:  6:30 PM


Absent: LeRonn Massey (British), Jim Kelly (Deerhead), Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres)

Guest:  Eric Novak


New Business:


1.    Treasurers Report – fees collected for some teams as well as player dues.  Please pay as soon as possible to Tom LeBlanc.


Old Business:


1.    Player fees - Please bring all remaining player fees to the next meeting.


2.    How is the handicap working? The handicap, does not seem to be working as well as we would like.  It needs to be adjusted up a bit as the strong teams can now play all their strong players all the time and only use their weaker players when they don’t have enough players.  This is a disadvantage to the weaker teams.  The strong teams will still come out on top but the weaker teams will get more benefit from the handicap adjustment against those teams but will still be equal to their fellow weaker teams.  Several suggestions were made, including going back to last year, going back to a straight team handicap or make the player handicaps range from 3-7.5 with the 0.5 indicating a strong player at that handicap.  After much discussion it was agreed to make the handicap 5/8 (.625) of the difference between team scores.  This will be implemented from this week forward.


Make difference 5/8 of total difference.  Individual handicaps are set based on the following agreed upon criteria.






Captains will be asked to rate their new players based on their known and the criteria below and will have the ability to start a Captains will be asked to rate their new players based new player higher/lower than the starting rating of 4 based on the player’s known ability to play pool.


3 Rating = Beginner.  May/may not shoot on a regular basis.  May shoot in other leagues but maintains a low handicap.  Can run 2 or 3 balls from the table but probably cannot run more than two pockets.  Cannot play a reliable safe without advice.  However, someone who has a high handicap in another league will not be this rating even though they are just learning the game.  Females will start at this rating unless they maintain a high rating in other leagues.


4 Rating = Learning the game, can probably run 3 – 5 balls from the table.  Probably plays pool on a regular basis.  Demonstrates some ball control but may be inconsistent. May be able to run 3 - 4 pockets.  Demonstrates some ability to play a safe without assistance.  All new players, of “unknown” ability, will start at this rating; actual rating will be established at next captain’s meeting.  At the first meeting, after the league starts, handicap changes will be retroactive.


5 Rating = Can play the game.  Can run 5 or more balls from the table.  Demonstrates ball control.  Able to run 3-5 pockets, may even be able to run six.  Has a good grasp of playing safe.  Players with a high rating in other leagues may start at this rating based on their ability to play pool even though they are new to Roundy.


6 Rating = Can run 7 or more balls from the table.  Demonstrate consistent ball control.  Able to run 6 pockets but not consistently.  Ability to play a consistent safe.


7 Rating = Can run the table.  Can play a consistent safe game.  Has the ability to run six on a consistent basis.



3.     Handicap changes - The following players were brought up for consideration as they are either new players to the league or prior to the start of the league it was suggested their handicaps change. 


Increased – Ken Bohtelho (4), Joe Clark (5), Anthony Cunningham (5), Jay Spielburg (6), Jesse James (4), Sue Lacroix (4),


Decreased – Arthur Tournidas (3), Mark Lacroix (3), Andy Denoncourt (6), Junior Rodriguez (3),


No change – Marc Blais (5), Mike Galinat Sr. (5),


Placed on watch list – Brett Belanger (3), Kyle Kienia (3), Tim Ledoux (3), Luis Rivera (3), Keith Demarais (4), Russ Lasaowski (4), John Leavitt (4), Jeff Picard (4), Scott Drew (3), Micah Mitchell (3), Gary Manning (4), Dick Thibeault (5), Andy Denoncourt (6), Christine DeFrancesco (3), Frank Roach (5), Gadi Fantauzi (6), Gary Gramatikas (6), Ed Healy (3), Rick Bell (4), Dave Bolton (4), Christos Kaliantzis (4), Jack Leva (4), Earle Whitney (5), Keith Laliberte (4), Judy Costigan (3), Angel Olmeda (5)


Recently increased (was it appropriate?) -


4.    Next meeting will be November 14th at 6:30 PM, at the Davignon.




Sue Novak