November 14, 2019


Captains/Co-captains attending: 


Lenny Pappas Jr. (Cercle 69)                             Rich Soares (Davignon IV),  

Eric Novak, (Davignon 1),                                      

George Carter (My Friends),                                Cori Donaldson, Larry Blais (Cercle 1),

John Laliberte, (Davignon 2)                              Bob Tanner (Eastside),

LeRonn Massey, Micah Mitchell (British),        Jim Kelly (Deerhead),

Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)                                      Sue Novak (Secretary),         



Location:  Cercle                                                  Meeting called to order:  6:30 PM


Absent: Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres), Jon Robillard (Cercle 3), Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),



New Business:


1.    Treasurers Report – fees collected for some teams as well as player dues.  Please pay as soon as possible to Tom LeBlanc.


2.    Much discussion occurred regarding the location of the Doubles.  Jim Kelly to attend a board meeting at the Deerhead to learn of their intensions.  If the tournament isn’t held at the Deerhead, the Cercle will gladly host.  With the ability to play on four tables we should not be behind schedule.  If we do fall behind a game will be placed on a third table.


Old Business:


1.    Player fees - Please bring all remaining player fees to the next meeting.


2.     Handicap changes - The following players were brought up for consideration as they are either new players to the league or prior to the start of the league it was suggested their handicaps change. 


Increased – Judy Costigan (MF) 4, Christine DeFrancesco (D4) 4


Decreased –


No change –


Still on watch list – Brett Belanger (3), Kyle Kienia (3), Tim Ledoux (3), Luis Rivera (3), Keith Demarais (4), Russ Lasaowski (4), John Leavitt (4), Jeff Picard (4), Scott Drew (3), Micah Mitchell (3), Gary Manning (4), Dick Thibeault (5), Andy Denoncourt (6), Frank Roach (5), Gadi Fantauzi (6), Gary Gramatikas (6), Ed Healy (3), Rick Bell (4), Dave Bolton (4), Christos Kaliantzis (4), Jack Leva (4), Earle Whitney (5), Keith Laliberte (4), Angel Olmeda (5)


Recently increased (was it appropriate?) -


3.    Next meeting will be 11th at 6:30 PM, at the Cercle.




Sue Novak