November 20, 2018


Captains/Co-captains attending:                                                                                                  

Amanda Laverriere (Cercle 3),                                Rick Campbell, Ray Paquin (Davignon 4)

Paul Cere (Davignon 3),                                          George Tsoutsas (Eastside),         

George Carter, (My Friends),                                 

Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)                                          Sue Novak (Secretary),                   


Location:  Davignon club                                                   Meeting called to order:  6:30 PM


Just enough captains were present to vote on decisions.


Absent:  Jim Kelly, Steve Porter (Deerhead), Eric Milanese, John Laliberte, (Davignon 2), Cori Donaldson, Mike Cullinane (Cercle 1), Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres), Juan Arce, Mike Manning (British), Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),


Guest:  Sue Kelly, Andre Brisson


New Business:

1.       Treasurer’s report $3738.21 as of 11/20/18 with $150 received from D2, $390 from My Friends, $200 from Eastside.  The Eastside also paid the $500 tournament fee, this will be cashed and returned to the Eastside at the time of the doubles tournament and placed in the prize fund.


2.      Bonus points – In the past the bonus points have been calculated as the difference between handicap times 0.75 and we have always rounded down if more than a full point (ie n.25, n.5 or n.75).  It was suggested that if the difference is #.75 we increase to the next point; #.50 or less stays at the lower point.  It was voted to increase the bonus points to the next point if the difference is #.75 or greater.  Ron will need to fix the program.


Old Business:

1.       Pay outs – tabled until future meeting after we see how the first half playoffs go with two divisions.  The payout does not need to be decided until the second half as payout is made at the end of the season.


2018-2019 – anticipated available = $6028 (includes starting balance) – after payouts for banquet and league prizes this leaves approximately $850 in fund before we add money from guest banquet fees and player no shows which is typically around  $350 which would start the 2019-2020 season with about $1200.  The following is a suggested payout with the lower fee for League 1st due to one less team.  6-pocket payout will change dependent on number of runs in the league.  Session winner in 1st half and 2nd half dependent on the team that wins the league play each half.


6 pocket runs ($25/run)


1st in first half

150 +/-

League 1st


League 2nd


1st in second half


3 rail challenge


secretary fee


gift cards











Banquet fees also include what was paid for the guests, but the fee collected gets added back in after the banquet.


2.      Location of singles and doubles – Cercle – singles – confirmed; Eastside – doubles – confirmed.  Eastside has paid their $500 fee to the league but it will be given back during the doubles to go into the prize pool.


3.       Handicap changes - The following players were brought up for consideration.  British members were not changed as no one from the club was at the meeting to ask about their play.


Increased – Brayden Pepin (C1) – 6, Davis Marquis (MF) – 4

Decreased –

No change  - Dennis Denbow (ES) – 4, Pete Vallieres (MF) – 4, Rich Soares (D4) – 4, Chris DeFrancesco (D4) – 3, Cheryl Root (C3) – 3

Placed on watch list – Mike Cormier (DH) – 5,   LaRonn Massey (BA) – 4, Tristen Defrancesco (BA) - 3, Scott Drew (BA) - 4, Bob Lafavci (BA) - 4, Frank Roach (C1) – 5, Joe Wright (D2) – 5, Dave Legro (D3) – 5, Todd Mudgett (D3)  – 7, Arthur Tournidas (D3) – 4, Mike Galinat Sr. (C1) – 4, Dan Simoneau (C1) - 6


4.      Set up the committee from the league and determine what their responsibilities will be towards assisting with the running of the tournament.    Rich Soares and Rich Campbell have offered their assistance towards the tournaments.  Please contact Sue if you want to add your name to this list.  Some of the resposibilities will be helping to get refs and getting the 50/50s going.  Also anything the Eastside and Cercle boards ask you to do.


5.      Next meeting will be on December 11th at 6:30 PM, at the Davignon.




Sue Novak