Captains Meeting

November 30, 2021

Attending: Lenny Pappas (Pres & Cerc 1), Sue Novak (Sec), Tom LeBlanc (Tres),

Scott Drew (BA 1) Eric Novak (Cerc 2) Paul Cere (Dav 1)

Earle Whitney (Cerc 4) Eric Milanese (Dav 2) George Carter (Dav 4)

Absent - Eric Bourgeois (VP), Bill Gibson (BA 2), Tim White (Dav 3), Gabby Panchi (Cerc 3)

1.     Tournaments Dates were set for

Warm Up - January 15th at Cercle

Singles Davignon - Jan 22, 23, 29, 30, Feb 5, 12, 13

Tournament of Champions Cercle Feb 19th

Best of the Rest Davignon Feb 26th

Doubles Cercle March 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27


2.     Ghosting players Lenny mentioned that some teams are still having difficulty fielding 5 players a night. Since it is the end of the half, it is hoped that those teams can pick up a couple of players for the second half and we will look at it again.


3.     Player Ratings Sue prepared a 20 page extensive statistics sheet which was passed out and explained. Each team has a two page stat sheet. Captains were asked to review these stats and bring them to the next meeting to discuss individual rating changes. Sue will provide this to the three teams that did not make the meeting. At the January meeting we will set the handicap for the second half and they will be retroactive to the start of the second half. At this time ratings will remain the same until the stats can be reviewed.


The following players were put on the watch list for rating changes at the last meeting and will specifically be discussed - Micah Mitchell (Down 5), Russ Mossman (Up 5), Don Demingway (Up 4), Christine DeFrancesco (Up 3), Dennis Bolduc (Up 4), Mike Manning (up 4).

4.     Team handicap was discussed. At the present time handicap is set by individual game, each team receives points based on the individual game. After much discussion, the handicap will still be calculated by each individual game and only the difference between each teams total handicap points will be awarded.


5.     It was suggested that we go to six games per night. After some discussion it was decided to remain at 5 games. It is difficult enough for some teams to get 5 players to show up each night so it may be next to impossible to get 6 players to show up.


6.     Next meeting Cercle on January 25th at 7 pm.




Sue Novak