Queen City Pool League





Attending:  Ron Michaud (Cercle 2/Pres.), Amanda Laverriere, (Cercle 3), Paul Cere (Davignon 3/V-Pres.), Peter Vallieres and Rick Knee (Davignon 4), Paul Martin (Deerhead), George Carter (My Friends 1), Sue Novak (secretary), Ed Caswell (British American), Shayne Cote (Davignon 2), Kim Janelle (Eastside)



Absent:  Dan Simoneau (Rimmon), Tony Cote (Workmens), Tom LeBlanc (treasurer),

Guest:  Rich Soares, Ann Sacco,


Location:  Davignon at 7PM


New Business:


1.    Treasurer report  All teams have paid the team dues, Workmen’s still owes for first half player dues.  Amount in account is $4858.26.  Teams should collect second half dues and these must be turned in by the next meeting on January 17th.  Remember if a player did not play on any team in the first half, they owe $20 for the player dues.  This fee goes towards the banquet fund.


2.    2016 Player Ratings   Still need to look at a few players on British American Team.  Chad Taylor was the only player who needed adjusting.  His rating changed from 4 to 3.


Once player ratings are established, captains can bring to any meeting the names of individual players they feel are improperly rated; it will be referred to the handicap committee for review.


Players needing review by the ratings committee on the second half roster are


Ricky Miller from 5 to 6                                Susan Hyun 3

Keith Laliberte from 4 to 3                          Melissa Marie 3

Amanda Laverriere from 5 to 4                  Brad Pepin 5

            Tom Leblanc from 4 to 3                             Sue Kelly 3

            Steve Ladue 4                                              Lucien Anderson 4

            Don Demingway 4                                       Bill Howey 4

                        Mickey Nabors 4


3.    The QCPL suffered the passing of another player - Hugh Muir passed on November 22, 2016.  He was 90 years young and his presence will be greatly missed.


4.     Handicap System - Do we still want to keep the current handicap system or go back to the team rating.  After some discussion on the progression of how we got to a player rating, a motion was brought to vote.  Motion was to return to the team rating.  By a 6-3 decision the motion was voted down.


5.    Minimum Player Rating - How do we work with the issue of a players breaking and running 6 but with the “handicap” the match ends with a score of 6-6.  It doesn’t seem fair that “playing the system” should allow for a tie score when the game is done.


There was a considerable amount of heated discussion on ratings of players.  The motion finally brought to the table gave two options - making all 2 rated players a 3 rating or requiring a minimum rating post.  For example you could not post two 2 rated players in the same match, minimum post of 5.  Vote of 6-3 to make all 2 ratings a 3 rating.


Old Business:


1.    Singles and Doubles – Singles at the Eastside with play on Jan 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29.  Remind your players to sign up in the clubs as soon as possible, applications will be picked up in all clubs by Thursday Jan 5th but will be available at the Eastside until approximately 10:45 pm on Friday January 6th. 


Cercle has the Doubles on Feb 18, 19, 25, 26, Mar 4, 5, 11, 12.


Logistics of where other in-house leagues play during the tournament is the responsibility of the club and QCPL tournament has priority of play on tournament days.


2.     “Survivor Rule” – It was brought up at the last meeting that in order to avoid forfeits a team who has less than 10 active players on their roster should have the ability to add players at any time in the session.  After some discussion this was tabled again.  Issues to address are

a.    do these “survivor additions” get added to rosters,

b.    how do we rate these players,

c.    what is the minimum number of active players on a team to use the “survivor rule” and

d.    what is the cut off for number of players on a team where the “survivor rule” cannot be used.


3.    Set next meeting date and location   January 17, 2017 at Cercle National.


Meeting adjourned 8:05 pm.




Sue Novak