January 22, 2018


Captains/Co-captains attending:                                                                                                

Mark Garon (Cercle 2)                                             Rick Campbell (Davignon 4)         

Paul Cere (Davignon 3),                                         Bob Tanner (Eastside),      

George Carter (My Friends),                                   Jim Kelly (Deerhead)

Eric Milanese, John Laliberte, (Davignon 2)       Cori Donaldson (Cercle 1),

Juan Arce (British)                                                  

Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)                                         Sue Novak (Secretary),      


Location:  Cercle club                                                        Meeting called to order:  6:30 PM


Absent: Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres), Amanda Laverriere (Cercle 3), Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),

Guest:  Sue Kelly


New Business:


1.     Playoff moving forward – Going back to 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, 4-5.  Very few people liked the two tier system.


2.    Ghost rule clarification –   “Survivor/Ghost Player Rule” – Any team not able to field a 10-man team will be allowed to let players play twice (ghost player). 


a.    The team needing to utilize a “ghost player” must state before game three that they will be short and need to use a ghost player.  If they do not state the need for using the rule then the other team can choose to take the forfeit. (clarification)


b.    The opposing team will pick who plays the “ghost match” at that time.   The “ghost” player must stay until the ghost match is played. 


c.    If the team captain sends a player(s) home before the ghost player is selected, the rule cannot be used and the team will forfeit that game. 


d.    If the “ghost player” needs to leave prior to their match being played, then the opposing team must be notified; they can approve the use of another ghost player or elect to take the forfeit. 


e.    If a roster team member arrives before the ghost match is played, that player will play in the unplayed match.


f.     If a team has ten players before midnight but the last match will be played after midnight and the 10th player leaves due to the late hour, the team will be allowed to use the ghost rule with the remaining players.  (added 1/22/19)


g.    Cannot use a ghost player in the playoff. (added 1/22/19)


4.    Singles and Doubles Tournament Dates – Lenny suggested that we think about moving the Singles and Doubles tournaments out one month each. It was suggested that we ask for  player opinions and bring results to the next meeting.  John Laliberte pointed out that during the winter months players don’t mind being indoors and “practicing to stay sharp” but in the spring they want to be outside during the nice weather.  The tournament has traditionally been played in January and February since it’s inception.


5.    Paul suggested that we consider rotation of tournaments be based on the teams rather than the clubs.  For example both the Cercle and Davignon have three teams therefore they should have the club in the rotation three times.  It was noted that other clubs would have less of a opportunity to host the tournament under this system.  Again it was suggested that the board think about how this would impact the clubs within the league.


6.    Sue Kelly suggested that the club that hosts the tournament must make, in writing, a guaranteed minimum prize fund commitment when accepting the tournament.  If they don’t meet this minimum with donations then the club would be responsible for making up the difference.  This would guarantee at least a minimum prize fund and force the club to work towards getting donations to meet this minimum commitment and any additional donations above the commitment would just add to the prize fund.


7.    John suggested that we ask players if they want a tournament shirt on the application.  If they elect not to take a shirt then the cost of the shirt would be made to a charity of the clubs choice in the name of the tournament.


8.    John asked that we change the rule regarding ear buds during league play.  It was agreed that we would try the use of ear buds during league play but they could not be used during playoffs or tournament play.  If it becomes an issue with players not heeding the call of fouls then we would go back to the old rule. It was suggested that we report back at the next meeting how this is working.


Old Business:

1.     Pay outs – anticipated available = $6028 (includes starting balance) – after payouts for banquet and league prizes this leaves approximately $850 in fund.  After the bauquet we add in what is colletected from guests and player no shows which is typically around  $350.  This would start the 2019-2020 season with about $1200.  6-pocket payout will change dependent on number of runs in the league.  Session winner in 1st half and 2nd half dependent on the team that wins the league play each half.


6 pocket runs ($25/run)


1st in first half (Dav2)


League 1st


League 2nd


1st in second half


3 rail challenge


secretary fee


gift cards












Banquet fees includes what was paid for the guests, but the fee collected gets added back in after the banquet.


Sue Novak stated that the total fund will be slightly more as we have added a team in the second half and also several new players.  She will figure out what the total addition is and add to the payouts accordingly.


Players who did not play in the first half will need to pay $20 towards the banquet fund.  Captains who collected the full $20 fee from their players in the first half will need to let Sue know so that she can move their $10 to their new team.  Player fee MUST BE paid by all players in the league.  This fee must be paid by the next meeting


2.     Handicap changes - The following players were brought up for consideration. 


IncreasedTod O’Connor (D3) – 5, Dennis Denbow (ES) – 5, Dick Thibeault (D4) - 6, Cheryl Root (C3) – 4, Keith Laliberte (MF) – 5, Bob Provencher (MF) – 4. Brayden Pepin (C1) – 7. Mark Garon C2 – 6, Joe Wright (D2) – 6, Mike Dechaine (D3) – 7, Santos Casianos (C2) – 5, Perry Filkins (C2) – 4, Eric Clang (C2) – 5


Decreased  none


No change - Mike Durant (BA) – 4, Wayne Maitland (DH) – 4, Andy Denoncourt (D2) – 7, Todd Mudgett (D3) – 7, Bruce Letendre (DH) – 5, Don Perry (DH) – 4, Anthony Cunningham (BA) - 4, Rick Bergevin Sr (D2) – 4, Ray Paquin (D4) – 4, Dan Simoneau (C1) – 7


Placed on watch list –Dave Tremblay (C3) – 4, Tony Perez (BA) – 3, Sandy Clang (C2) – 3, Shawn Bussiere (C2) – 4, Lee French (DH) – 6, Scott Drew (BA) – 3 (U),  John Mills (C1) – 4, Santos Casianos (C2) – 5 (D), Perry Filkins (C2) – 4 (D), Eric Clang (C2) – 5 (D)


We may have to add another handicap rating for next year to help balance out the ratings better.


3.    Next meeting will be 2/26 at 6:30 PM, at the ????????.




Sue Novak