Queen City Pool League





Attending:  Ron Michaud (Cercle 2/Pres.), Amanda Laverriere, (Cercle 3), Paul Cere (Davignon 3), Peter Vallieres (Davignon 4), Paul Martin, Jim Kelly, Steve Porter (Deerhead), George Carter (My Friends 1), Sue Novak (secretary), Kim Janelle (Eastside), Dan Simoneau (Rimmon), Tom LeBlanc (treasurer), Eric Bourgeois (VP)


Absent:  Ed Caswell (British), Eric Milanese (Davignon 2), Tony Cote (Workmens),

Guest:  Eric Novak, Ann Sacco


Location:  Cercle at 7PM


New Business:


1.    Discuss President position – Paul stated that he has been involved in the league for better than 40 years and a good share of those years have been as either a captain or a co-captain.  Due to personal reasons at this time he has elected to step down as vice president and nominated Eric Bourgeois as vice president of the league.  Passed unanimously.


Due to changes that have occurred since Ron asked to step down he has decided to stay on as president. 


Ron also asked that as captains everyone should try to get their players to understand how it has taken a process to come to the decisions we have made and although change doesn’t happen overnight we are still moving forward and striving to make the league better.  He also stated that players are welcome to attend meetings and voice their opinions. They will not have a vote in the meeting but their concerns will be addressed.


Amanda Laverriere and Jim Kelly also stated strong support for Ron as our league president.  Jim asked for a vote of confidence for Ron for the job he has done as president and received a unanimous vote.


2.    Treasurer report  Second half player dues are due now. Several teams paid the second half dues and those remaining outstanding will be paying within the next week.  It was discussed what penalty could be imposed for those teams that have not paid their player dues.  After some discussion it was felt that in order to keep some of these teams viable the only penalty we could impose would be that they could not attend the banquet. 


As of tonight there is $5578.26 in the account with some funds still outstanding; approximately $3000 of this will be used towards the banquet.  We started the season with around $822 and we will pay out in prize money the remaining funds back to this amount.


3.    2016 Player Ratings   The following player ratings were reviewed by the handicap committee members present and it was felt the following handicaps would remain as stated.


Ricky Miller 5 to 6 NO         Amanda Laverriere 5 to 4 NO         Keith Laliberte 4 to 3 NO

Tom Leblanc 4 to 3 NO       John Edgar 4                                   Brad Pepin 5

Melissa Marie 3                    Sue Kelly 3                                       Lucien Anderson 4     

Donna Staples 3                  Don Demingway 4                           Bill Howey 4

Mickey Nabors 4                 James Floyd 4                                 Eric Gallagher 4         

Steve Ladew 4                     Ray Farland 4                                  Brian Congo 4

Joe Frazier 4                        Mike McGeehan 4                   Jason Page 4        

Kerry Plourde 4                    Shana Rich 3                            Don Roy 4 

Bob St. Onge 4                    Jim Beard 4                              Ray Boucher 4      

Jim Lemay 4                        Ron McCann 4



a.    Should we make the board responsible for adjusting the handicap for individual players, once the initial handicap has been set by the handicap committee, since they know what their player’s abilities are?  TABLED


4.    How do we handle the situation when a player (not a captain, co-captain or player in the match) consistently shouts out a shot to a player on the table.  There is a rule in place it states




a.    Once a game has started, the only persons allowed to directly advise a player are the team's captain, co-captain, or the player's partner.  Spectators and team members are not permitted, in any manner, to directly advise players.


The following will be added to the rule.


A warning will be given to the entire team to cease “coaching players/calling out shot instructions”, if the offense occurs again it will be a foul and loss of turn for the player on the table.  Balls are played where they lie just like any other foul.


Discussion of the infraction will be between the captains and not the team members. 


If a foul is called and the player shoots anyway, all balls will be placed back as close to their original location as possible. 


5.     Set up banquet committee.  – Board voted to have at the Cercle with Mark catering again.  Date will be May 20, 2017.  The Cercle will provide entertainment.  Kim Janelle will print tickets and Ron stated we would get them cut and distributed.


Old Business:


1.     “Survivor Rule” – It was brought up that in order to avoid forfeits a team who has less than 10 active players on their roster should have the ability to add players at any time in the session.  Issues to address are do these “survivor additions” get added to rosters, how do we rate these players, what is the minimum  number of active players on a team to use the “survivor rule”, and what is the cut off for number of players on a team where the “survivor rule” cannot be used.  TABLED


It was voted to allow those teams with difficulty fielding a full 10-man team to let players play a second time.  However they must state early in the match they will be needing to use a “ghost player”, the opposing team will pick who plays the “ghost match” at the time of the notification and the match can be played at anytime during the five matches if the chosen player needs to leave early.  If additional player(s) arrive before the “ghost match” has been played they must play and the “ghost match” will not occur.


2.     League rotating trophy – Tom LeBlanc (or designee) will pick out a league rotating trophy at the time they pick out the doubles trophies.  This will be paid for by the league.


3.    Re-address issue of not having the 2 handicaps and set a minimum handicap per match. – Ron stated there was some confusion over what the options were at the last meeting and he readdressed the options.  


Dan Simoneau suggested that we keep all the 2 handicap players as 3s and make all the 7 handicap players a 6 and use a full point for the bonus difference.  Three members of the handicap committee were present and they felt that the smaller spread (3-6) was not enough spread.  The opinion was getting a player’s handicap wrong with the small spread could affect the overall nightly score, whereas the larger spread (3-7) wouldn’t affect the overall nightly score.


It was also discussed to re-instate the 2 handicap and setting a minimum of 6 handicap posting.  If two players handicap totaled less than 6 for a given match, the handicap would be recorded as 6 for that match only.


After some discussion it was voted to keep the handicap range at 3-7 with a .75 rating difference for the remainder of the year and we would readdress it for next year after running some statistics.


4.    Set next meeting date and location – February 21, 2017 at Deerhead.


5.    Discuss payout at next meeting





Sue Novak