Queen City Pool League




Attending:  Ron Michaud (Pres, Cercle 2.), Amanda Laverriere, (Cercle 3), Paul Cere (Davignon 3), George Carter (My Friends 1), Dan Simoneau (Rimmon), Tony Cote (Workmens), Eric Bourgeois (VP), Sue Novak (secretary),


Absent: Peter Vallieres (Davignon 4), Paul Martin (Deerhead), Kim Janelle (Eastside), Tom LeBlanc (treasurer), Ed Caswell (British), Eric Milanese (Davignon 2).


Guest:  Eric Novak


Location:  Deerhead at 7PM


New Business:


1.    Treasurer report  As of today we have $6018.26 in the account.  Collected $240.  Total funds in account will be 6258.26.  Workmen’s still owes some money.  My Friends is still outstanding for this half.  Both assured the board they would pay by Monday.  Sue will let Tony and George know which players on their roster have not played and which players owe $20 for the half.


We discussed what to do next year.  It was suggest that if you play you must pay for the half on that night.  If you don’t pay your points are forfeited.  Tabled until vote can be taken.


2.    Rule Revison:  Awarding the break.  The current rule states 



a.    During regular season play the visiting team will break in the first, third and fifth match; the home team will break in matches two and four.  See Rule 12 for posting partners.


b.    In Playoff matches, one player from each team will lag for break.  The winning team will break in the first, third and fifth match.  See Rule 12 for posting partners.


c.    In tournament games, players will lag for award of the break.  The player winning the lag (closest to the top rail) shall be awarded the break.


d.    In tournament play the player who has won the lag, or his partner, shall have the OPTION of breaking or allowing his opponent(s) to do so.


e.    In order to promote fair play, a player competing in the lag should attempt to hit his ball at the same moment his opponent does so. 


f.      One practice lag shall be allowed before the deciding lag.


Proposed change:


e. In order to promote fair play, the players competing in the lag should attempt to lag at the same moment as his opponent.  If near simultaneous lag does not occur then it should occur before the opponent’s lagged ball makes contact with the rail.  If the lag occurs after contact with the rail then the person making the late lag will forfeit the break regardless of where the lag rests.


Tabled until vote can be taken.


Old Business:


1.     “Survivor Rule” – It was voted to allow teams not fielding a full 10-man team to let players play a second time.  However they must state early in the match they will be short and need to use a “ghost player”, the opposing team will pick who plays the “ghost match” at the time of the notification and the match can be played at anytime during the five matches if the chosen player needs to leave early.  If additional player(s) arrive before the “ghost match” has been played they must play and the “ghost match” will not occur.  How is this working for teams?


This seems to work although there was some confusing as to whether all teams could us the “ghost player”.  All teams can use this ruling!  The opposing team selects the players used.  If one of those selected leaves, the match can then be marked as a forfeit or a different player selected that is the choice of the opposing captain.


2.    Discuss payout at next meeting – Based on the amount of money in the QCPL account, league champion will be paid approximately $1600 and second approximately $800.


3.     League rotating trophy – Tom Laverriere stated he would look through some of his old trophies and find an appropriate trophy that can be used as a rotating League Champion Trophy all we would need to do is set on a wooden base and add the plaques if required.


4.    Banquet Committee Update – Board voted to have at the Cercle with Mark catering again.  Date will be May 20, 2017.  The Cercle will provide entertainment.  Kim Janelle will print tickets and Ron stated we would get them cut and distributed.  Ron Michaud spoke with Mark he will provide the catering all he needs it dates and headcount.  Tickets will be distributed ASAP with collecting $10 per player (to be returned when they attend the banquet) and $15 per guest.


5.    Hall of Fame – Paul has several names to bring before the committee at the doubles tournament. Will approve during the tournament.




Sue Novak