March 12, 2020


Captains/Co-captains attending: 


Lenny Pappas Jr. (Cercle 69)                                 Eric Novak, (Davignon 1),                    

John Arel (Cercle 2)                                                Jim Kelly (Deerhead),

Eric Milanese & John Laliberte, (Davignon 2),

Sue Novak (Secretary),                                          Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer),


Location:  Davignon                                               Meeting called to order:  6:30 PM


Absent: Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres), LaRonn Massey (British), George Carter (My Friends), Bob Tanner/George Tsoutsas (Eastside), Larry Blais (Cercle 1),


Guest:  Jess Pappas


New Business:


1.    Treasurer report –Tom stated that all second half fees need to be paid NOW.  British and My Friends still owe for the players added to their roster for second half.  Players who moved from Davignon IV after the half still owe $10 each.


2.    It was suggested that we add to the tournament schedule the following tournaments. 


a)     Doubles Handicap Around the World. (John Laliberte) – Team’s Handicap not to exceed 11 points. - Date May 16th at Cercle National $30/team.

b)    Luck of the Draw Around the World (Lenny Pappas Jr) – Six and Seven Ratings only!  Alternating shot (Scotch Doubles)

c)    Mixed Doubles Around the World – this is a tournament that used to be played on Derby Weekend

d)    Mike Lemire’s 5-Ball Around the World. – Date TBA

e)    Singles and Doubles warm up


After some discussion it was agreed to add the Doubles H/C Around the World Tournament and the Mike Lemire 5-Ball Around the World tournaments to this year’s schedule.  Sue will put the two additions on the web site.


3.    Banquet date was set for June 6th at the Cercle National.  The Cercle is hosting a live band in the backyard from 6-10PM.  Banquet will start at 2 PM, meal to be served at 4 PM.  Sue will have tickets available by March 20th.



Old Business:


Handicap Changes:  

            Increased – Scott Drew (BA) – 4, LaRonn Massey (BA) – 4, Micah Mitchell (BA) – 5,

Ryan Boisvert (C1) – 5, Mark Garon (C69) – 6, Paul Cere (D1) – 6, Dick Thibeault (D1) – 6, Tod Oconnor (D1) – 5, Joe Wright (D2) – 6, Ray Gendron (DH) – 6, Ed Healey (ES) – 4, Elizabeth Healey (ES) – 4, Bob Patten (ES) – 5, Sue Kelly (ES) – 4, Keith Laliberte (MF) – 5, Billy Sconsa (MF) – 4


Decreased – Brett Magnuson (MF) – 5, Steve Marquis (DH) – 3, Gary Gramatikas (DH) – 5





Sue Novak