2023-2024 QCPL Meeting

April 3, 2024


Attending:  Paul Cere, Eric Novak, Lenny Pappas Jr., Sue Novak, Keith Kaz, Larry Blais, John Laliberte, Eric Milanese.


Teams Represented:  Cercle 1&2, Davignon 1&2, Deerhead




1.      Playoffs:  In the first half we went to 5 matches in the play offs.  John Laliberte suggested we keep the 6 matches in the second half.  All presented agreed to playing six matches.  It was brought up that this runs the risk of a tie game of three matches each and tie score.  Although this is a possibility it was felt that the likelihood of it happening was very slim.  Therefore, it was agreed if that did happen a 7th game would be played with players who had not yet played a match.  There is no ghosting in playoff.    Please have seven players available for playoffs!


Sue will be available by phone or text to help with the handicap points to make sure ties are determined before end of match.


2.      Player dues:  Any player dues that are still owed needs to get to Tom LeBlanc ASAP.


3.      League Point System:   We had discussed, at the beginning of the year, paying points to players from the player dues.  Captains were responsible for recording 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-pocket runs and points were made for these runs.  A 3-pocket run earned 1 point, 4-pocket earned 2 points, 5-pocket earned 3 points, and 6-pocket earned 4 points.  A total of 340 points were reported.  Although this was higher than we anticipated, all but 18 players recorded at least one 1 point.  However, because so many points were recorded, we decided to not pay points for this year but continue with the gift cards and put more money into the games.


4.     Banquet:  Jeff Yule will again be providing the meal and the Cercle will be providing entertainment at the end of the night.  Banquet starts at 2 pm with meal being served about 4 pm, awards will be presented and games will be played before the evening’s entertainment.


5.     Handicap Committee:  We will be establishing a handicap committee to determine player handicaps.  Each team captain will nominate one player from their team for the committee. The board will choose four people from these nominees to serve on the Handicap Committee.  None of these players should be team captains, but the nominees should be people who know who the players are and how they play in comparison to other players in the league.  Lenny will serve on the committee as the league president and will be a tie-breaker vote only.  Sue will also serve as a non-voting member to provide stats on players and record changes to player handicaps.  The committee will meet in late July - early August to determine handicaps for next year.  Complaints on handicaps will go to the handicap committee.


6.     Sue will continue to record stats and standings in the 2024-2025 season and Lenny will stay on as League president for another year both of them serving with the anticipation of stepping down at the end of the 2024-2025 season.


7.     Eric Milanese was elected at Vice President of the league, replacing Eric Bourgeois.



Sue Novak