Final League Captain’s Meeting

2015-2016 Season



Attending:  Tony Cote, Larry Blais (Workmens), Ray Paquin (Treasurer), Ron Michaud (President, Cercle 2), Kim Janelle (Eastside), Jim Kelly (Deerhead), Bob Paquin (Davignon 2), Paul Cere (Vice President, Davigon 3), Sue Davis (Secretary, My Friends 2)


New Business:


1.        Handicap Committee – Ron Michaud, Steve Porter, Dan Simoneau, Eric Bourgeois, and one other to serve on the committee.  They will be responsible for setting up handicaps and the type of system to be used in the 2016-2017 Season.  Once they have a couple of options/ideas developed,  Ron will send out a message to all 2015-2016 team captains to schedule a meeting before the start of the 2016-2017 season.


2.       Rules Committee – Sue Davis, Paul Cere, Kim Janelle, and Tony Cote to serve on the committee Jim Kelly will offer input from his experiences with pool rules from participating in various 8-ball, 9-ball and other pool leagues.  The committee will be responsible for consolidating and revising the table rules and making them easier to understand.  They will also separate out the bi-laws and set up guidelines for team captains/co-captains.


3.        The league was set up as a Non Profit.  This league status was not renewed with the state of New Hampshire after Mickey McCabe stepped down, as we were not made aware of the yearly renewal acquirement.  We were notified in February and we need to re-establish this status.  The letters we were sent were given to Kim Janelle to investigate what we need to do to re-establish our status.  She will report back to Ron Michaud as soon as possible.


4.        Collect available funds for banquet.  The deadline for this is April 15.  Teams can give their money and tickets  to Kim Janelle, Sue Davis or Eric Bourgeois.  What was available from this meeting was given to Kim.  We will finalize the banquet and get the funds from Ray Paquin/Bob DeSimone to have payouts available at the banquet.


5.        Set up agenda for Banquet


a.       2-4 PM for horseshoes, pool, darts, etc.

b.       4-6 PM Buffet meal, prepared by Mark Zombec (Davignon cook)

c.        6-7 PM  Ray Paquin - recognize all the players we have lost over the past few years

Ron Michaud - “State of League address to league players 

Paul Cere - present Hall of Fame inductees

 Ron Michaud - present league awards 

d.      7PM- Close the Cercle will have Karaoke.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.



Sue Novak