Queen City Pool League





Attending:  Jim Beard (Cercle 1), Ron Michaud (Cercle 2), Amanda Laverriere (Cercle 3), Eric Milanese (Davignon 2), Paul Cere (Davignon 3), Peter Vallieres (Davignon 4), Steve Porter and Jim Kelly (Deerhead), Kim Janelle (Eastside), George Carter (My Friends 1), Dan Simoneau (Rimmon)


Absent:  Ed Caswell (British American), Tony Cote (Workmens), Ray Paquin (Treasurer)

Guest:  Ann Sacco


Location:  Cercle


New Business:


1.    Election of officers – Ron Michaud – President, Paul Cere – Vice President, Sue Novak – Secretary, Tom Leblanc – Treasurer.


2.    NH State non-profit - Our Non-profit status expired as of October 2015 but we did not learn of this until the doubles in March.  Kim Janelle assisted in getting what was needed for reinstatement – Sue will fill out and work with Tom LeBlanc and will mail a check for payment.


3.    2016 Rules Committee - The rules committee has been working on revising the current rules.  We have not really made any rule changes; we have separated out the bylaws and developed guidelines for captains.  We have also reorganized and added some “assumed” rules to the existing general rules.  A draft of General rules, By-laws and captain responsibilities was distributed to all the captains.  Please review and send any suggestions to Sue Novak at sukie93@yahoo.com.  She will forward to the others on the committee.


4.    2016 Handicap Committee - Ron presented the individual player handicap recommendations from the Handicap Committee.  The committee has been working on handicapping individual players.  They are working on two systems 2-7 and 2-10.  Ron has been running both systems against Cercle 2 matches played last year.  A considerable amount of discussion resulted which lead to the suggestion that each captain do the same.  Ron hopes to have the handicaps completed by the end of the week and posted on the web site.  They are leaning towards the 2-7 system but will wait for vote at next meeting.


5.    Determine number of teams – it looks like we will have 12 teams --  British American, Cercle 1 - 3, Davignon 2 - 4, Deerhead, Eastside, My Friends 1, Rimmon (My Friends 2 team moving), and Workmen’s


6.    League start date – September 9, 2016 this would put the end date in April 7, 2017 if there is a home-home playoff.


7.    Non-playing dates – Are we playing the day after Thanksgiving or not?  IF we don’t play last week of first half league play is 11/18/16 and play offs start first Friday in December; if we do play, playoffs start the day after Thanksgiving.


8.    Recommendations for Singles and Doubles locations – based on records of when tournaments were last held the Eastside is up for the singles; Workmen’s (if they want it) is up for doubles, if they don’t then doubles would go to the  Cercle.


9.    Set next meeting date and location – August 30, 2016 at Davignon at 7pm.  Paul will make sure the meeting room is available.


Old Business:


1.     Banquet Feedback – was a great success.  Food was excellent.   We gave out several gift cards ($100 in DD cards, $100 in gas cards, $200 in restaurant cards – 37 cards all totaled).  We inducted 8 past and current players into the hall of fame.  Karaoke was enjoyed by many.


2.    Treasurer Initial Report – there should be around $1102 in the league fund to start the season.  Our goal is to finish the league with near the same amount we started each year.  We will use this for any fees we incur, ie web site fees, state non-profit reinstatement fee, etc.  We will be paying out $75 for the non-profit reinstatement fee very soon.


3.    Rotating League trophy – it was suggested two years ago we get a revolving league trophy for the winning team.  We still want to do this.  However we still need to determine which teams won which years.  Please look around the clubs to see if there are any league championship trophies so that we can fill in missing years.  Chuck Wiggin Jr. filled in several of the years but it still is incomplete.