August 22, 2018


Captains/Co-captains attending:                                                                                                           

Juan Arce (British)                                                         John Laliberte (Davignon 2),

Jim Kelly (Deerhead),                                                     Eric Novak (Cercle 3),   

Kyle Sarecino (Davignon 3),                                           George Tsoutsas (Eastside),     

George Carter (My Friends),                                           Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)

Sue Novak (Secretary),                                                


Location:  Cercle National Club

Absent: Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres) , Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer)

Guest:  Cori Donaldson (? Cercle 2)


New Business:


1.       Treasurer’s report – $1566.21 was the balance as of the end of the 2017-2018 season.  Expenses incurred since have not been recorded in this total.


2.       Election of Officers – Motion made by Jim Kelly and seconded by Eric Novak to keep board as it stands.  Motion passed.


President - Lenny Pappas Jr

VP – Eric Bourgeois

Secretary – Sue Novak

Treasurer – Tom LeBlanc


3.       Discuss number of teams – British, Cercle 3, Davignon 2, Davignon 3, My Friends, Eastside, Deerhead 1 and possibly Deerhead 2 and Cercle 2.  Please notify Sue Novak at 315-3921 if Deerhead and Cercle will have a second team no later than August 31st.


4.       Discuss start date – We will start on Sept 7th with 9 or 10 teams and play Thanksgiving Friday.  If only 8 teams we will start September 14th.


5.       Kyle brought up that we should go back to the old system of handicapping the team not the individual player.  Everyone brought up their concerns on the handicap system, why we use the handicap and why we went to handicapping the players.  There was discussion on a solution with no resolution.  The issue was tabled.


Lenny suggested using a two division system but all teams would play each other.  If a Division 1 team (Davignon 2, Davignon 3, Deerhead, Cercle 3) played a Division 2 Team (British, Eastside My Friends, Davignon 4) the handicap would apply.  If a match was played within the division no handicap would apply it would be a straight match score.  Each half’s Playoffs would be within the division and result in a division winner.  At the end of the league each half division winners would play for league champion in their division.  This idea was tabled until the week we start the league and make a decision on what system we use. 


Lenny recommended that everyone bring their ideas for a solution to the meeting on September 11th.  If we have 10 teams we will make the change retroactive to the first week of play.  If we only have 8 teams then the change will affect the matches starting that Friday.


6.       Fouls – John Laliberte brought up having cue ball fouls only.  There was a lot of heated discussion about keeping the rule as is. It was also suggested that we make the rule to read it is a foul or if the cue ball or any other ball on the table moves during the act of shooting. Issue Tabled.


Old Business:


1.        Handicap changes – will be discussed during the next meeting as we will need to set ratings for all new players and any changes to existing handicaps based on approved criteria.  Please bring your change suggestions to the first meeting with reasoning for the change suggested.  Refer to the approved rating criteria located on the web site.


Next meeting will be on September 11th at 6:30 PM, the Location to be determined.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.




Sue Novak