September 11, 2018


Captains/Co-captains attending:                                                                                                  

Juan Arce (British)                                                    John Laliberte (Davignon 2),

Jim Kelly (Deerhead),                                               Amanda Laverriere (Cercle 3),       

Cori Donaldson, Mike Cullinane (Cercle 1)            (Davignon 4)

Paul Cere (Davignon 3),                                          George Tsoutsas, Bob Tanner (Eastside),          

George Carter (My Friends),                                   Lenny Pappas Jr. (Pres)

Sue Novak (Secretary),                                           Eric Bourgeois (V-Pres),      


Location:  Cercle National

Absent: Tom LeBlanc (Treasurer), Rick Campbell, Ray Paquin (Davignon 4)


Meeting called to order:  6:30 PM


New Business:


1.      Treasurer’s report – full report will be available at the next meeting.


2.      Fees – Player fee, paid by player, keep at $10 per half – this fee goes to banquet and payouts.  Team fee, paid by club, keep at $200 per team goes to the payouts.  Both fees must be paid by week 5 of half.


3.      Change handicap system    Ideas brought to the table for discussion


Option 1:  Set up 2 divisions - Division 1 teams (Davignon 2, Davignon 3, Deerhead, and Cercle 1) and Division 2 teams (British, Cercle 3, Davignon 4, Eastside and My Friends).


Every team is played within the league.  If match is played within the division (Div 1 vs Div 1 or Div 2 vs Div 2) no handicap would apply.  If match is against the other division’s team (Div 1 vs Div 2) then the handicap would apply.  Handicap points remains at 75% of difference in handicaps played.  Maximum of 30 pts per night.


Half playoffs would be within the division and result in a division winner.  Division league champions would play for half champion.  Each half champion would play for League champion.


Option  2:  Keep the league as it has been played the last two years.


Option 3:  Continue to use the existing player handicaps but set a maximum handicap per team with no individual game exceeding a team maximum of 12 handicap points.  Suggest cap of 54 (twice the summer single league max).  Examples were provided.


Option 4:  Keep the league as it has been played, however have two divisions at playoffs.  Teams finishing 1-4 play for Division 1, teams 5-8 play for Division 2.  Winners of each division would play for half champion.  Each half champion would play for league champion in home/home series.


After considerable discussion of each option it was voted to use the Option 4 for the 2018-2019 League.


4.      Create a Sub Pool – Sue suggested that we establish a sub pool from which every team can draw each night of league play, maximum of 2 times per night.  Each player is rated individually so this does not affect a total team handicap in any way.  The player’s individual handicap is used whenever they play.  Sub list would be a maximum of 20 players per year.  The sub list cannot be used in playoffs. The players on the sub list would be able to attend the banquet but at the guest price.


How it would work – Subs would not be on any team but could be used by any team and would still be a part of the league.  Any player on the sub list could be contacted by any captain and asked to play for them on that night.  A team cannot call the same sub every time the sub pool is used and no sub can be used more than twice by a single team in a half.  Cannot ask a sub to play until it is determined that the team would be short players (game 2).  A sub cannot play before game four on a given night.  If a sub agrees to play that night they will need to play even if a regular player shows after the sub has been scheduled.


If we create a sub pool, roster players would not be allowed to play twice when the team is short players (ghost player rule would not be used).  The player contacted could choose to play or not on a given night.  Any number of subs can be contacted if the sub cannot play when called.  Phone numbers would be available for all those players on the sub list and accessible by the captains (not sure how we would do this yet).


After some discussion it was felt that teams should add players to their roster as a sub to be called when short players.  These people would still need to play a minimum of three times to be used in the playoffs.  Since they would be on a team they would have to pay the $10 per half and could attend the banquet.


5.       Pay outs – to be determined at a future meeting when we determine how much money we will have.


6.       Location of singles and doubles.  -  Cercle is due the singles, Eastside is due the doubles.


Eric stated that there is a lot of difference in the prize money given out.  He asked Sue to bring a list of the payouts over the last five years to the next meeting for both the singles and doubles.  A guideline exists for running the tournaments but each club follows these guidelines differently.  There is a rule in the by-laws which states that the club hosting the tournaments will pay a fee to the QCPL.  However this has not been collected in many years.  Sue suggested that we reinstate this rule but have the fee paid to the prize fund, not the league.


It was pointed out that a lot of the inconsistency in the prize money comes from the fact that some clubs get more sponsors than others, and some run more raffles than others, therefore the prize fund is directly affected.  It was suggested that a committee be created within the QCPL to assist the club in running the tournament so that consistency exists between the prize money from one club to the next. 


Further discussion, a final decision and creating a committee tabled to the next meeting.


Old Business:


1.      Fouls – John Laliberte brought up having cue ball fouls only at the last meeting.  It was also suggested that we make the rule to read it is a foul if the cue ball or any other ball on the table moves during the act of shooting. Issue Tabled.


After considerable discussion it was felt that if a player’s clothing touches a ball, then that ball moves even if one does not see it move.  Therefore the rule will include touched along with disturbed.  It was also suggested that if a possibility exists that a player’s clothing poses a risk of touching a live ball the player should be warned prior to getting set for their shot. 


The rule will read as:

DISTURBED/TOUCHED BALL – A disturbed/touched ball is defined as any ball that is touched or moved from its last resting position by the player's body, clothing or equipment or is contacted while still in motion.


1.      It is a foul if a player disturbs/touches any ball on the table, while in the act of assuming, executing or abandoning the stroke with any part of the body, clothing or hand-bridge used to take the shot.  The opposing player has the choice of putting the disturbed ball back, as close to the original spot as possible, or leaving it where it lies.   The fouling player has no say in where the ball is replaced.  However, if the ball is placed grossly out of position, reasonable discussion may occur.


a.      It is a foul if the cue ball is intentionally or unintentionally disturbed/touched (thought it was a scratch but it wasn’t).  It will be ball-in-hand behind the head-string for the opposing player.


b.      It is a foul if you disturb any ball that is in motion and results in loss of turn.


c.      If the cue ball scratches and the shooter or teammate intentionally or unintentionally picks-up the one ball clearly over the foul line it is a foul.   The opposing player/team will have the option of placing the one ball on the spot or putting it back, as close as possible, to where the foul occurred. 


2.      Handicap changes - The following players were brought up for consideration.  Since no one had seen many of the new players play, after discussing the first couple of players and making changes it was felt that we should wait until after the fourth week of play to make changes.


Increased - Ryan Boisvert (C1) –  5; Bonnie Massey (BA) –  4, Cori Donaldson (C1) – 6, Gary Gramatikas (DH) – 6, Dave Wiggin (D3) – 6, Frank Roach (C1) – 5, Christos Kalantzis (D4) – 4, Pete Vallieres (MF) – 4, Andy Denoncourt (D2) – 7.


Decreased - Dan McCloskey (D3) – 3,  Bryan Duas (MF) - 3


No change  - Arthur Tournidas (D3) - 4, Ray Gendron (C1) - 5, Dan Simoneau (C1) - 6, John Arel (C3) - 5, Ed Miller (C3) - 5, Shayne Cote (D2) - 7, Tom LeBlanc (C3) - 4, Amanda Laverriere (C3) - 5, Jeff Yule (D2) – 5, Bob Davis (not in league) – 6.


Placed on watch list – Ken Bohtelho (BA) - 4, Scott Drew (BA) - 4, Michael Hughes (BA) - 4, LaRonn Massey (BA) - 4, Marc Lacroix (C1) – 4, Jack Lover (D4) - 4, Hillary  Piper  (D4) - 4, Andre Brisson (ES) - 4, Jim Carr (ES) - 4, Craig Reardon (MF) - 4, Al Fox (MF) - 4, Mike Cormier (DH) – 5.  All players who were changed will also be on the watch list to make sure changes were appropriate.


Next meeting will be on October 16th at 6:30 PM, at the Davignon.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM




Sue Novak