2023-2024 QCPL Meeting

September 12, 2023


Attending:  Dennis Bolduc, Eric Novak, Lenny Pappas Jr., Sue Novak, Keith Kaz, Larry Blais, John Laliberte, Ray Paquin, Bob Tanner, Tom LeBlanc, Mike Cormier, Sharni Rollins, Dana.


Teams Represented:  Cercle 1-4, Davignon 1-3, Deerhead, Workmens.




1.      League format:  It was discussed whether teams would play five or six matches per night of league play to allow more team members to play each week.  After much discussion it was decided to play six matches during league play and five matches during playoff.  Under this format ghost playing would be allowed with the opposing team choosing the player to play the ghost match.  No more than 2 ghost matches a night. Workmen’s felt they would not be able to field a team if playing six matches a night as they would probably have to ghost two matches every week.  Their players will be available for other teams.


2.      Team Dues:  Team dues are what pays for the 1st and 2nd place payout.  After some discussion it was decided to increase the clubs dues to $100 for the first team and $50 for each additional team.  It was also decided that it was not necessary to payout to the winning team.


3.      Player dues:  The player dues go to paying for the banquet meal and the money games that are played at the banquet.  Discussion resulted in raising the player dues to $40 for the season ($20/half paid by the 4th week of the half).  There will be 21 weeks of league play and 6 weeks of playoffs for the season.  So the $40 works out to about $1.50 per week per player which is much less than players pay in the APA leagues)


4.      League Point System:   The fee would be $5 per week when the player played.  Players could elect to participate in the point payout but if they played a week and did not pay the $5 they would not be eligible for any payout.  They could not elect to start playing in the payout if they did not start on the first week of their play.  The rule would be to participate for every week of their play or not participate at all.  It was felt that this should be tabled at this time.   Sue will still keep track of the runs so captains need to record these on their weekly sheet for both teams.


5.      Sign up sheets will be posted at the Davignon and Cercle clubs.  Please sign up as soon as possible.


6.      It was stated that clubs should supply drink tickets to the players for both teams that play (6 tickets/team/night).


British and Cercle 5 would not be fielding teams.  Several of their players will be available to other teams.