September 9, 2021

Attending: Lenny Pappas (Pres), Sue Novak (Sec), Paul Cere (Dav 1), Eric Milanese (Dav 2), Mike Hughes (BA 1), George Carter (no team), Bob Tanner (ES), John Laliberte (Dav 2), Eric Novak, Earle Whitney (ES), Juan Arce (BA 2), Eric Bourgeois (VP).

1.      Lenny informed the group that the Deerhead and My Friends would not be having teams. We only have Eastside, Davignon (2), Cercle (2), and British with clubs with teams. Based on what was discussed at the first meeting we will hold a singles league for this year. Maximum number of players per team will be 8 players. Handicaps will be used. Every club will hold a meeting for their players by next Friday (September 17th) to determine how many players would be playing and how many teams we can put together. They will set up their teams and send this information to Sue (315-3921) or Lenny (231-8957) by September 19th. Sue will then set up the league and post this information on the web site as soon as possible on Sunday/Monday with league play starting on Friday September 24th.


2.      Bob Tanner pointed out that the new East Side club will be a NON-SMOKING club. This was voted by their membership! They will also not be able to have a team at home during the first couple of weeks of league play. Sue will be sure to adjust this in the schedule to accommodate the East Side Club.


3.      Based on the number of players from both the Cercle and the Davignon, it was felt that they might be able to put together at least 3 singles teams each. The issue, however, was who would captain those teams, no one wants to be a captain. British will be able to have 2 teams and Eastside will have to talk to their players to see how many want to play singles but felt they would have at least one team. There are several players who played last year in a club that will not be having a team so they may also be available for a team out of another club. George Carter stated he would be willing to be a captain for whoever needed him.


4.      Every player on the roster must play at least twice in a half to play in the play-offs. With only 8 players to a roster this should not be an issue.


5.      At the beginning of the match a player from each team will lag for who puts up first. The start of each match will be determined by the handicap. The higher rated handicap will determine whether they want to break or give up the break. If handicaps are the same the players will lag. Handicaps will be 75% of the difference between handicaps; this was what was used at the end of the 2019-2020 season.


6.      In the first meeting it was suggested that we limit the number of coaching moments. Paul Cere stated that since these would be singles matches this could be an issue for the lower rated players and he did not like the idea of limiting coaching. John Laliberte suggested that, since 6 and 7 rated players would not need coaching but the 3 and 4 rated players would need coaching, we could limit the coaching moments to 10 per night, these could be spread across the 5 matches and used as needed. It was agreed by those present.


7.      No Ghost players. If during the first four weeks a team does not have enough players for the 5 matches the team could take a zero for that game or add a player to their roster. If the roster started with eight players someone would need to be dropped if the captain elected to add a player. Once a player is added to a team, and has played for that team, they are on the roster for the half. If a player is dropped within the first four weeks and has not played for another team, they can be re-added and another player, who has not played, must be dropped if the roster is full. After four weeks the rosters are final for the half NO EXCEPTIONS.


8.      Players who did not play last year would pay $20 for the season and the money is MUST BE PAID no later than Thanksgiving. Players who played in the second half of the 2019-2020 season would only have to play $10 for this season as they paid for a half that we did not finish due to Covid-19 shutdown.


9.      Clubs would pay for teams to play in the league. Since the teams will be limited to 8 players, it was suggested that we charge $100 per team. Each additional team for the club would be $25. (ie 1 team $100, 2 teams $125, 3 teams $150, etc)


10.  A club is not required to provide drink tickets or food to the players. This has been a courtesy that clubs have done in the past. It continues to be the choice of the club whether they provide food and/or drinks, but they should be consistent in their choice.


11.  Tournaments Davignon will have the singles, Cercle will have the doubles. Lenny pointed out that since the Cercle has additional tables, and will use a third table if we run behind, teams will be REQUIRED to show one half hour prior to their scheduled match time.


12.  Next meeting October 19/21 at the Cercle.